Family Farm

Daoud Grove

The DAOUD GROVE domain is a family heritage since 1968
Olive farm planted exclusively with Olivier Chetoui, it is located on the height of Borj
el Amri, in the north of Tunisia, where the sun embraces all the olive trees, caressed by the fresh northern breezes.

This happiness offered by nature provides us a unique oil, fruity and rich in antioxidants.
We tend trees aged more than 50 years, in groves of typical local varieties: Chemlali, and Chetoui, the prince of olive cultivars in many regions of Tunisia.


A real fruit juice made exclusively from Tunisian olives, our 100% natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil belongs to the highest quality category in the industry. By prioritizing fresh ingredients throughout the journey from tree to table, we preserve the oil’s robust and beautiful taste.

Daoud Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds a full and fruity flavor and aroma to your meal. With a slight peppery zest and pleasant bitterness, Daoud Grove  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is delicately spiced and pungent, lingering on the tongue in a balanced finish.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Produced using organic farming standards and 100% organic         Tunisian olives, our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is USDA certified and free of pesticides and preservatives. Prioritizing fresh ingredients throughout the journey from tree to table, we preserve the oil’s intense flavor and taste.

Daoud Grove Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil features notes of pepper and wild fruit to create a perfect blend of spice and mellow bitterness. Bold and fruity with a long finish, it is fresh, aromatic, and extremely well-balanced.

Gourmet Extra virgin olive oil

Our Gourmet High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from 100% Single Variety Chtoui olives from our olive groves. The olives are handpicked to preserve the fruit’s natural perfection and pressed within 24 hours of harvesting to ensure oil with superior flavor, color, and aroma. This is the perfect choice for those looking to take their cooking to the next level.

A balance of pungent and fruity flavors, Daoud Grove Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil elevates your meal with soft bitterness, subtle peppery spice, and gentle notes of almond and apple. This unique olive oil is a true delight for the senses with a deep, grassy green color and a mesmerizing aroma of wild fruits

Tunisia, having been the crossroads of several civilizations, the passage of commercial exchanges between
the East, Africa and Europe and the arrival of the Andalusians have enabled it to inherit from these flows a rich olive
genetic heritage.

: At DAOUD GROVE , olive harvesting is carried out manually to ensure the most delicate treatment of the raw material. This fact, along with the partial collection of the olives when they are still unripe, bring more organoleptic complexity to the final product, obtaining a premium olive oil that contributes great intensity in flavour and aroma, as well as a high level of antioxidants, ensuring a longer product life.

TRANSPORT TO THE OIL PRESS:  We immediately take the olives to the oil press

The fact that the farm is next to the mill allows harvesting of the olive to obtaining the oil to take less than 5 hours. This immediacy in the process helps ensure the high level of quality of DAOUD GROVE extra virgin oils.


HAND SELECTION OF THE OLIVE : We discard the olives that do not meet our quality standards before introducing them into the press

Just before being introduced to the mill, the olives undergo manual selection in order to eliminate those olives that are in poor condition and to ensure that only those at the appropriate level of maturity make it into the mill.

MILLING : We grind the olives at a controlled temperature and time to preserve the organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics of our oil

Milling by varieties at a controlled temperature and time to preserve the appropriate organoleptic characteristics.
The result is an oil of the highest quality.


STORAGE : We keep our EVOO in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature

The packaging is opaque in all our ranges in order to guarantee the best conservation of the EVOO.

The careful, innovative and sustainable harvesting methods has enabled them to guarantee a consistently high-quality premium olive oil. Full traceability ensures the customer knows where, when and how… and above all who its producing this olive juice!

Tracability : The tradition of olive growing is matched with modern practices and respect for the environnement.

Our belief is that it is also essential that the consumer will be able to learn about the whole process of creating the final product before he or she pic kit from the shelf.

For this reason, our company DAOUD GROVE organized and adopted the product’s tracability table which makes it very simple to follow the produt’s « journey »from the tree to the shelf or table.

Using a lot number which can seen on the outer packaging.

One can immediately trace out the exact field of origin of the product, as well as information about the mill , the bottling process and generally the whole production chain.


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